“You now have TEN days to reach cosplay completion”: Attention to Detail Part II


It’s here.

That time before the convention when all the happy moments of “we have PLENTY of time!” suddenly turn into counting how many free hours there are to work on the cosplay before the next convention.

Conclusion?: NOT ENOUGH.

We leave for Kawa Kon on March 6th. 10 Days.

Not enough time when we have made so little progress, not when there is work and school and family and…..life to go with it.

I think other cosplayers and cosplay parents will understand when I say I wish there could be a Hermione Granger-style time turner for rent

time turner

for those of us assistants to perfectionist artists who fuss about……every tiny detail.

I was feeling good, we had skirt and shirt pieces cut and everything.. ready to sew!

Then cosplay daughter decided that the blue was STILL not the right blue.  Back to the fabric store. And now? What about now, you ask? Shouldn’t I be directing the skirt sewing project instead of blogging?

Well I’d LIKE to.  But she’s painting the new fabric.  Before we can even cut it.

Did I mention it’s also her birthday this week? So there are parties and cake and other fun festivities to plan around?

Excuse me.



(I may change that to my profile pic.)

So. Here we are again. Do I continue to stress and fuss and tell her that if it doesn’t get done, It’s all on her? Tough love?

I want to be supportive and all, but I do have other responsibilities. I do have a life.  And there is undoubtedly a valuable lesson to be learned in adherence to deadlines and, frankly, sometimes admitting that it’s as good as you can get right now.

But I get so much joy out of HER joy when the cosplay is just right, when she’s happy with it.  When her vision comes to life.

I may have mentioned this before: parenting is hard.  What do you all do? Tell them to suck it up and get it done?  Or stay up until 2am on March 5th, madly sewing?

I’d love to hear it if you want to share.

In the meantime, this will be me:

internally screaming

Only with more wine.

By cosplaymom

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