It takes a village to build a cosplay……(or how I broke the sewing machine and friends bailed me out)

T-Minus 7 days to the convention.

Friday night:  Fabric is finally dyed to suit cosplay daughter’s discerning eye. Thread is ready, free time set aside.

Time to make a skirt!

and so we worked, happily, glad to be making progress, for a whole hour before…..


Like This….Only MUCH worse. Like 42 times worse.

GAAAAAHHHHHH! That’s what the machine was doing before I paid the guy $60 to service it!

Take the bobbin out. Rethread. Take the top thread out. Rethread.

No. Better. At. All.

No time to take it back in for repair.  So I look it up myself- “how to adjust the bobbin tension.” (Which is what gives you all that extra thread on the bottom side of what you’re sewing)  Looks like maybe I can do it myself……just need to take out the bobbin case. Ok.

So went to do that. Sticky and reluctant little sucker, so I applied more pressure and


i broke the bobbin case.


We are so……. hosed.

So in my despair, as I trudged off to decide whether to spend $30 on shipping of a new bobbin case I posted my distress on Facebook, and received a reply from a friend.

“Want to borrow one of mine?”

bobbin cases? no. SEWING MACHINE.

My friend Amy turns out to have extra sewing machines.


Amy did lend us her extra machine- I drove that night to pick it up and drop off a thank you note and bottle of wine.

Cosplay daughter recommenced to sewing.


Sunday now, and the skirt is very nearly done: our biggest and most complicated sewing project ever:


It has PLEATS.  (those bands are just still pinned on).

But this whole experience reminded me of something I already knew:  it takes a village to build a cosplay.  We couldn’t do this without the support of our little community.  The collective mind and skill set of the Costuming Guild of the Ozarks. Novio’s skill and knowledge of tools. My Mom and her sewing expertise.  Amy and her generosity and the police academy director who once lent me a “pair of legs”…..

We’re indebted to all of them.

I feel, once again, fortunate to be blessed by a community that doesn’t balk at requests for styrofoam heads or clock-faced bottles.

As cosplay Mom, I might be captain, but it really is all one big team.

Love and hugs (and serious full on glomps) to all who support cosplay daughter.


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