Will Work for Pie: The Need for Photography Lessons

I really need to learn how to take photos.

The internet- Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and the like, is filled with amazing, professional-quality photos of folks in their cosplay:


Like this. It even has an EFFECT. Sigh.

Cosplay daughter works so very hard on her work, and loves to share her work. (She’s the only reason I know that Tumblr and Instagram are things.) And I’d like to be able to help. I’m very proud of her.

Unfortunately, I have a small, weak camera and no particular training or skill in taking photographs. Most turn out fuzzy or boring.  A quick look at the photo gallery on the home page of the site will reveal my best efforts, and the paltry nature thereof.

At some point, I will spring for professional photos of her favorite cosplays- I suspect she’ll want them for a portfolio as she’s applying to college. For now, though, we are constrained by our budget.

I think I’ve seen panels listed before at conventions on how to take better photos, and I should really attend. In the meantime, I’m going to fall back on trial and error- and the help of friends, once again.  I took photos, but she was concerned that she couldn’t see what she looked like. Fortunately, Novio was over and offered to hold both a large mirror behind me so she could check her posture and hair and also provide some ideas.

For this service, he negotiated a deal I could live with: pie.  All-he-could-eat pie.


The blueberry was a bigger hit than the pumpkin…

A fair price, and within our budget.

I think we did better- you can be the judge. Cosplay daughter will now go off to photoshop them to her satisfaction, but I think we’re making progress!

I just need more practice, a better camera and lots of pie to keep the crew happy.

2014-04-01 21.57.38

2014-04-01 22.03.03

Elizabeth apparently smacks the protagonist repeatedly with a book in-game. I love and teach literature myself, but rarely use it as a weapon….

2014-04-01 22.10.59

2014-04-01 22.07.53

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