Cosplay Heritage- Heroine on the Half Shell

Over the weekend, cosplay daughter and I went to my parents house for Easter dinner.

There was lamb, and nice red wine, and fun table top gaming (of the creative kind- my father invented his own)

And, as discussions at family gatherings often do, the conversation turned to those not with us, including my excellent Grandma, who not only waited tables and was an expert fisherperson, but also drove demolition derby cars.

(She was also postmistresses of her small Ohio town. I will never be as cool as my Grandma).

Happy thoughts led my Mom to dig out old family photos- I’m sure you all know the kind- loose in one big box in the bottom of her closet.

And there were treasures in that box- my Mom’s WWII ration card, a rare good photo of my Dad, and……



My Mom as Raphael: Highly skilled in ninjutsu, Olympic-level agility, speed, and strength; Mastery of kobudo, Master of stealth, Chi Gong Master of twin offensive/defensive sai

This, friends, is my mother in COSPLAY.

who knew?

The occassion? a party for her preschool class of 3 year olds.  For the occasion she not only made her own TMNT costume, but, as you can see from the (lamentably) fuzzy image- she ROCKED IT.

She is most definitely not just wearing that costume, she’s cosplaying in it.

This photo, circa 1980, made cosplay daughter and I very happy.  Proof of our cosplay DNA!

We are proud to induct my Mom in as “Cosplay Grandma”

Now. Maybe we can get her to break this back out for our next convention in May?????

By cosplaymom

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