Well She DOES Like Firefly……Yes, I’m a Bad Nerd Mom.

So, friends, today I come before you with a confession:

I am a BAD nerd Mom.

Yeah, sure, I cosplay, I listen to Nightvale, and commiserate when BioShock Infinite ends sadly.

ending 2

But…… (Deep Breath)….

Cosplay daughter has never seen Star Wars. (Or Raiders of the Lost Ark)

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? you ask. As well you might.

Because, friends, as a true old-school nerd I own the Star Wars boxed set (Episodes IV, V and VI, obviously) Heck, I can QUOTE the entirety of episodes IV-VI.

But I can’t get the girl to sit down and watch.

This is partly my fault- I didn’t start when she was tiny.  I didn’t start her early enough to not object.

But now she’s a teenager and far to independent and teenaged to be forced.

But I believe there’s hope.  A NEW Hope…..

a new hope

a very nerdy joke. This post truly reveals my nerd cred.

Because there’s Firefly.

I loves it.

and I was positive that SHE would love it.  So I nagged and cajoled her, about a year ago, and succeeded in getting her to sit down and watch…. about ten minutes of the pilot.


…and we will call this land…..THIS LAND!

But that’s it.

Oh Well.

I tell myself that gaming, cosplaying nerds can live long and happy, healthy lives with nothing but Anime and Groot to quote for fun.


though it’s true that Groot’s lines are somewhat limited….

I was resigned.

Then, a positive sign!  She went away for the weekend to visit grandparents and came back….HAVING WATCHED THE ENTIRE RUN OF FIREFLY.

Now, of course, she’s the biggest Browncoat ever. She’s working through the stages of grief at the cancellation, cutting her apples in half and drawing Kaylee.


I predict Kaylee cosplays in the very near future.

What changed? Who knows? I guess I just can’t push her.

So don’t call DFS quite yet about my nerdmom neglect.

I’m hoping that in a few months she’ll be drawing something else…..


though knowing her, we’ll just as likely be sewing Jedi robes and looking lightsaber tutorials.

(Can’t wait!)

By cosplaymom

2 comments on “Well She DOES Like Firefly……Yes, I’m a Bad Nerd Mom.

  1. I can’t get my son to love any Star Trek or Star Wars! (Where have I gone wrong?) Actually any Sci=Fi is pretty much not his interest. (But isn’t Dr. Who Sci-fi?) And he’s a real Whovian! Now I’m curious about Firefly! I think I can get it on Netflix! We were at the mall yesterday, and almost everything I saw, made me say, “Hey that would be good for cosplay!” My son looked at me in disbelief! “Well, you made me what I am!” I emphatically told him. “I would have never got cosplay if, when you were 12, I never took you dressed as Naruto to the big one in San Jose!” Big sigh from my 20 year old son.


  2. Firefly is AMAZING. I love it.
    Daughter will watch the new Star Trek movies- no interest in the programs. And yes, always Doctor Who.
    It’s our place to embarrass them in public. That’s just the way it goes. : )


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