The Future Wears Kigus

The future isn’t just above the Arby’s sign: it’s wearing kigus  and glomping. 


Cosplay daughter has two- One kitty and one Baymax

It’s been a while- life, the day job, and all of cosplay daughter’s activities have made the time fly.

Lots has happened, I finished (and co-finished) two books about beauty, we’ve been working on university applications, and you may have heard that we had a presidential election here in the U.S.

Between the cosplay club and my the university students that I teach, I’ve seen a lot of confusion, sadness and concern about the results of that election.

…and anger. Lots of anger.  Students where I work keep sticking their phones in my face, showing me the map that demonstrates how young people 18-29 said they would vote.


Guys, this map, like my experiences as a teacher and a Mom is anecdotal. But I see something that makes me happy. The future, our future here in the U.S. is filled with young people who embrace difference, non-binary gender identities and people from anywhere.

My students and my young cosplay friends glomp anyone, regardless of their immigration status.

As the kigus demonstrate, everyone deserves to be comfortable. To be safe and warm. Accepted as part of the tribe. And the young people I know are deeply, passionately committed to those values.

I know not all young people are monolithic in their thinking. I know that cosplay daughter is a blue dot in her deep red high school.

But I also know that in her school and in her community,  cosplay daughter is part of a network of young people who support each other, encourage each other and help each other.  That network is Christian, Jewish, Muslim and atheist. It is heterosexual, homosexual and asexual. It is Anglo, Hispanic, Asian and Afro-descended.

and Furry.


Cosplay Daughter’s Cosplay Club-

And when I am discouraged by the hate and and insensitivity and ignorance that drives the fear of many in the United States, I’m counting on the love, inclusion (and glomping) of these great young people to save us.

No pressure kids.


By cosplaymom

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