Day of the Dead, Frida Kahlo and La Mole!

How lucky am I? I am in Mexico City for my first Latin American Con- La Mole ComicCon

And I arrived on Todos Santos– November 2,  All Saints Day, which turns out to be part of a several days-long celebration of Day of the Dead/Halloween.


Love love love local markets! I thought the chocolate pumpkins with the googly eyes (on the left) were extra creepy.

Kids everywhere in costume- including kigus. Pumpkins, skeletons and ofrendas (offering remembrances for those who have passed away) in corners, in front of stores, on porches and even in my Holiday Inn Express.


So how cool is it that in Mexico they’ve just added Halloween on to the traditional festivals of November 1 and 2 (All Souls and All Saints) to make HALLOWEEN LAST THREE DAYS? Awesome.

and….wait….I got to go to Frida Kahlo’s house.  I fangirled pretty hard.


“I have been travelling since 4am and stood in line for two hours but I AM IN FRIDA’S GARDEN!” (and yes I paid extra for the photo pass. Duh).

ESPECIALLY because the special temporary exhibition was of her clothing.  Frida was an amazing, surreal, adventurous artist, but she was also an amazing costumer with an impeccable, artistic sense of personal style.

better frida vogue

French Vogue 1939.  Frida Kahlo: A Woman of Power


Children, apparently would follow her on the streets asking- “Where’s the circus?”

Frida 2

Life Goals.

So as far as I’m concerned, my visit to the house where Frida lived, worked and died was just a part of this cosplay adventure.

No, Frida didn’t cosplay, but she had a lot in common with historic and contemporary cosplayers.

She was true to herself. She didn’t much care about gender norms…….like the time she showed up for the family photo in 1924 in a man’s suit.

Frida family photos 1924

That’s Frida on the far left.

She never called herself a surrealist. She insisted that what she was painting was HER reality.

And her reality was colorful, and juicy, and painful, and bright, and sad.

Dos Fridas

Las Dos Fridas (The Two Fridas) 1939

But she didn’t give up. She celebrated life colorfully, and used her art to express herself.


I like to think she would have approved of cosplay. And all the amazing cosplayers I’m going to (hopefullly) meet tomorrow and Saturday!!!!!

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